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Italian Logo Museum

Italian logo museum, a broad visual documentation result of a detailed and deep graphical-historical research on the evolution, the changing and the restyling of Italian logos. This virtual museum aims to become the core of the iconographical tracking of the industrial and graphical Italian history, concurring to its own evolution and valorisation; also, it represents a detailed summary of the visual history which characterized the “made in Italy” throughout the years, from which its easy to extrapolate trends, variation of style and taste. Such values allowed the Italian artisanship and industry to excel commercially on an international basis. As the Italian product features great quality, great attention to details, creativity in its designing, the logo is to show such features as well. A general analysis of the result of such tracking helped individuating three main trends which characterized the past century : a first period characterised by the use of the “italics”, which guaranteed elegancy and represented a guarantee of attention and commitment to the product; a second period, characterized by the use of geometrical, bulky “industrial” graphic, trying to emphasize technology and mass production, the strongholds of that period; a third period, still making its course, which is defined by the words “lightness” and “transparency”, to underline the dematerialisation of goods and their communicative more than utilitarian value. Outside all this, the museum is also the mean through which we can dive in the past and swim through the great memories and symbols which characterised our history, such as scooters, ice creams, washing machines and sparkling wine.

The Authors and editors of the project are Raffaele Fontanella, Maurizio Di Somma, Marcello Cesar e Francesco Ruta. The book (in which this project has its roots) was edited in 2003 by Ikon Editrice and sponsored by AIAP, the Associazione Italiana design della comunicazione visiva ( Italian association for design of visual communication). The introductions have been written by Mario Piazza (graphic designer), Carlo Branzaglia (expert in communication), Daniele Baroni (design historian and critic), Giovanni Brunazzi (graphic designer).

A virtual museum

The "Italian Logo Museum" is the site that documents the historical graph path of Italian brands; It is the virtual collection that sees leading man the Italian trademark, commonly called "logo", as a "sign" used to distinguish their identity, their products and / or services from the competition. Every day we see many brands, have become the protagonists of our daily lives; any brand is a fundamental part of Italian industrial and graphic history. The brand provides, in the eyes of the user, quality assurance and reliability; It is therefore a valuable resource to be protected and enhanced. The "Museum of the Italian brand" of such understanding.