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Bob Noorda - Biography

Bob Noorda was born in Amsterdam in 1927. He graduates from his bachelor course in 1950 at the IVKNO (InstituutvoorKunstnijverheidsonderwijs), the Industrial Art Educational Institute, where he receives a rationalist mindset. The IVKNO imprint was that of functionalism, basic design and TIPOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA. At the time, the Institute was directed by Martin Stam, architect and urbanist who had formed his skills at the Bauhaus of Dessau and who was the creative mind behind the first steel tubing chair designs; his teacher were all professors from the Bauhaus. Memorable is Bob Noorda description of these years: “a philosophy which aims at eliminating anything that is superfluous, which simplifies ideas and acts accordingly…when I first came to Italy, entrepreneurs were still relying on illustrators and painters. We have been the first ones to introduce the modern concept of graphics and the idea of corporate identity, which is a mixture of architecture, interiors, designand advertisement”. In 1956 he decides to move to Milan, where he starts working in every field related to visual design. From 1962 to 1965 he is a teacher at the Humanitarian society of Milan, as well as a graphic design teacher at the industrial design high school of Venice. In 1961 he becomes art director for Pirelli, in 1963-64 he becomes an art consultant for the packaging at Rinascente-Upim; starting in 1965 he becomes co-founder and vice-president at the Unimark International (corporate identity design company). He has been awarded with multiple prizes both in Italy and abroad; among the others, two Golden Compasses from the ADI (Italian industrial Design Association) of which he is a member, two Bodoni prizes for publishing and the golden medal for corporate identity design at the Ljubjana Biennale. Noorda has also been a graphic design teacher at the Humanitarian of Milan, the ISIA of Urbino and the IED of Milan; from 1996 to 2001 he was a visual communication teacher at the Design faculty of the Milan Politecnico. In 2005 he received the Laurea Honoris Causa in Design at the Milan Politecnico. He passes away in Milan in 2010.