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Massimo Vignelli - Logos

Massimo Vignelli
Massimo Vignelli marchio Cinzano
Massimo Vignelli marchio Ciga Hotels
Massimo Vignelli marchio Lancia
Massimo Vignelli marchio Fratelli Rossetti
Massimo Vignelli marchio Poltrona Frau
Massimo Vignelli marchio tg2
Massimo Vignelli marchio tg2
Massimo Vignelli marchio Benetton
Massimo Vignelli marchio Sisley
Massimo Vignelli marchio Ducati
Massimo Vignelli marchio Comune Salerno

Massimo Vignelli - Biography

Throughout his long career Massimo Vignelli has dedicated himself to the many different fields connected to design; his productions range from graphic design, to product design all the way to exhibits design. Starting in the ‘60s he has been one of the main players in the renewal of graphics on an international scale, mainly through spreading the modernist mindset through his collaboration with Unimark International. He studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan and at the IUAV university of Venice; his first jobs included graphic design for magazines, books and packaging, straying further and further from architecture towards design. At the end of 1964 he moves to the United States; it is during this period that his idea for an international graphic design studio starts to take shape, idea which will become reality with the name of Unimark International. He becomes project leader for some iconic corporate identity projects, such as the one for America Airlines, the one for Ford and the signposting for New York City metro. Vignelli will leave Unimark in 1971, to found together with his wife Lella the Vignelli Associates, in New York City. Since then, Vignelli has been working on a huge amount of projects for both American (Knoll and IBM) and European (Benetton, Ducati, Poltrona Frau, Artemide) companies. He has been president of the AGI (Alliance GraphiqueInternationale), president of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Art), vice-president of the New York Architectural League and member of the IDSA (Industrial Designer Society of America).